4 SEO Failures You Should Avoid


A business's website has become its most important factor for improving business. If your website is working fine and is ranking in on Google, then it is deduced that you will get more business. However, SEO is not easy and not everyone can easily rank on Google's first page. Any company that gives SEO Services In Delhi will tell you that it needs constant practice and knowledge. It doesn't happen randomly and a great amount of work goes into it. Avoid these basic mistakes that can ruin your ranking ambitions: 

  • Broken URLs - Google always looks for the quality of your website when assessing your website's ranking potential. A well structured and functional website goes a long way. If you have any broken URL in your website, rectify it quickly or it may destroy all your SEO efforts.
  • Plagiarism - Unique content is the best way to proceed. Don't ever even think about lifting the content from somewhere else, you'll be punished and may even get blocked. 
  • No Title Tag Or Description - The most basic thing that you can do let Google know about the pages on your website is giving appropriate title tags to these pages. The description is also important.
  • Loading Speed - It's simple if your website is slow, you are not going to rank high on search engines. 

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