5 Tenets Of Cornerstone Content


Content marketing strategies can be tricky and as the principle goes - when confused, follow the veterans. If you're struggling to come up with a comprehensive marketing strategy to establish your company or product as a go-to problem solver of your target audience, you can always think about cornerstone content. In fact, it is the best move forward. Countless companies have created and continue to create cornerstone content which attains an iconic status and becoming a sort of Bible of that topic. Our company provides SEO Services In Delhi, and we have seen the exponential rise of companies riding on the back of their content.

You can do it too. We won't tell you what to create because honestly, that's your department. Nobody knows your product better than you. However, some time-tested tips can always give you the needed boost in the right direction. So, let's take a look at these tenets of creating cornerstone content:

  • Readers First - SEO is one of your primary goals while creating this long form of content but never forget it will be the readers who ultimately make it successful. Solve their problems in your content because that's what your products and services are all about.
  • Keep It Crisp - Long-form content is often taken as a license to include not-so-necessary information in it. Always remember the ultimate purpose and intent of the content. Don't include information that is not integral to the overall piece.
  • Take The Backseat - It is not necessary that you create it. You can hire someone to do it for you. You can contribute your suggestions and by keeping an eye on the overall development. It will get the work done while saving up a lot of resources while also keeping everything organized.
  • Supporting Content - Supporting content is the next step after creating cornerstone content. While the latter focuses on covering all topics and the breadth of it, the former is goes deep into the topics already covered. It allows you to update and evolve the already established strategy.
  • Everybody Loves Evergreen - The best content is the one which stays evergreen. This is extremely difficult as it requires in-depth knowledge of the topic in hand and also requires revisiting it at regular intervals to see if it is still relevant.

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