AMP – Definition And Its Role In SEO


If you are not a veteran in SEO, you might be unaware of multiple jargons of the field, AMP being one. AMP refers to Accelerated Mobile Pages and can be described as an open-source approach that aims to make the web user experience better for everyone.

This framework developed by the collaboration of Google And Twitter aims at providing a better and swifter web experience for mobile users. Web Click India - The best Website Designing Company in India know inside out of the SEO tricks and tips to never let you fail. After revising the AMP and all its features, we have concluded to give it a thumbs-up. Read the following to know more.

AMP is a lightweight HTML page that provides faster loading of sites to mobile users. The content gets visible in a shorter duration and in a format that is easier to read. Basically, it was adapted for news sites and publishers. But, in no time, it attracted various people from different grounds to make use of it and offer their users a faster loading option.

Benefits Of AMP -

  • It makes the visitors happy with the speed.
  • The content becomes readable.
  • Makes websites mobile friendly.
  • It has the potential to make your business rank at the vertex of SERP.

Being a new type of format, it does require intricate studying to be developed. Being a well-known SEO Company in Delhi, we have employed a number of tech-lovers and creative minds who will make your SEO journey smoother. Call us to know more.