Are Your Website Images Slowing Down The Page Speed?


Slow and steady might win the race, but just in your children's story books. The businessmen and entrepreneurs work at a lightning speed to reach the peak of success and if they won't, the competitors will overstep them. The website speed is equally important and shall not be compromised with, but there are few elements that might make loading of your website slow, big images being one of them.

Here is the most awesome Website Designing Company In India - Web Click India to help you make your website load as fast as a leopard by offering some ideas.

At this point, you might feel that 'No, My website loads very fast on my system, I don't need any help'. But, have you checked your website loading speed on any other computer or a page loading metering tool? They will tell you the unbiased truth of your page load speed.

In simple and short words - The web cache of a website gets stored in the server and when the website is visited again through the server, it shows the cached version to save time and this might look like you have a fast loading website.

Now, if you realise that your website is actually lagging speed and the culprit behind it is the large image sizes, you must not turn a blind eye towards it. As a matter of fact, 68% of a web page's total weight is that of images and it can't be omitted completely.

The perfect solution is compressing the images in a smaller size. But while compressing, you have to make sure that they aren't compressed that the quality of the picture gets damaged and neither shall it be altered so little that it makes hardly any difference in speed.

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