Clickbait Content – Reasons To Perish Its’ Use


Voila! You have just ended up with high-quality content and now it's time to post it with a "SABOTAGING HEADLINE" on social media. Yes, that is what business owners are doing these days to attain more traffic and clicks. The simplest way to explain the term clickbait is - "The strategy in which the post-creators willingly add un-relatable and sensational headlines and pictures just to attract more engagement of people and make them click the link."

The employees at Web Click India are smart enough to know that these tactics are woes disguised as blessings and thus, stays away with the use of it. Being a renowned provider of SMO/SEO Services In Delhi, we will advise all the trailblazers and entrepreneurs to also stop using this manoeuver because of the following reasons:

  • They Are Super-Annoying - When you see a link with the title like "This actress was caught red-handed stealing objects" or "This hero is turning a monk soon", you are psychologically triggered to open the link and read to know more. But, often it happens that the content you read goes untouched to the title and has no relevance to the topic. This is super-annoying and after being fooled a couple of times, people ignore these kinds of posts.
  • You Lose Traffic And Trust For Long-Term - In the last point, we have explained that the clickbait content is irritating and easy to be ignored. If your content gets avoided on the platform that could have fetched you great results, you lose a lot of traffic and obviously, the trust of people.

Don't let your image fade away with such 'Cheap' tactics, instead take the help of a renowned Digital Marketing Agency In Delhi that can fuel your journey towards success with the right methods. We are engaging ourselves with the same services. Call us to reap out the benefits as soon as possible.