Explore The Benefits Of Accelerated Mobile Pages For SEO


Before we get started, it is important to understand what is AMP? Basically, AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages that are nothing but the light version of the web page, which promotes mobile-friendly layout for better outcomes. And it actually has so many positive impacts for the SEO that improves your ranking drastically. The main reason for adopting and implementing the strategy is that it improves the loading time of your website on any browser and ignoring it may result in less traffic. Web Click India, being a paramount SEO Company In India is always staying up-to-the-mark and thus, here to share its benefits with you all.

  • Improved Loading Page: AMP helps to increase the loading time of web page on any browser and faster speed means more traffic. It is an important to adopt the strategy that increases your conversion rate and gives you many more benefits.
  • High-Ranking: Another common benefit of AMP for SEO is that it ensures the high ranking of your website. It's simple when your web pages are optimized; they load faster and drive more traffic so it automatically increases the ranking.
  • Pleasant User Experience: Last but not the least benefit of AMP for SEO is that it provides an exceptional user experience to the visitors. And we all know that user experience is important, so, Google crawl your website.

These benefits indicate that AMP is very much important for SEO and you should get involved with this. We as one of the top-best Website Designing Company In India, here to help as best as we can. You can contact us through given details. We make sure to answer your query shortly.