Factors That Do Not Influence Your Website Ranking


Do you think that whatever website agencies do to promote your product online definitely affect the Google ranking? Surely, SEO is an important part to fetch your website on the present page of search engines. But do you know that there are several techniques which do not influence the ranking of your site directly. As an emerging SEO Company In India, we are going to share essential factors which rarely affect your position on the search engine platform.

Interesting Facts That Google Does Not Care About

  • Age Does Not Matter: Here is a saying that old is gold. But Google does not care about old. In fact, it only concentrates on the effective links and signals, which you can generate via a new website too. Old domain definitely provides you a strong start among your competitors, but it cannot stay in the top position for a longer time without any powerful link building. It means that Google gives importance to the performance of the websites not its age.
  • Bounce Rate And Time: High bounce rate does not consider a good sign for your website, as it can make a negative impression on Google analytics. But, sometimes, Google ignores this fact due to the purpose of searching a website. It may happen when the users are crawling the website for an educational cause and got the knowledge within a few minutes, which means that the website has served its motto in a congruous manner.

These are a few factors which surely do have an impact on your Google rankings but they do not affect the mood of Google directly. As the Best Web Designing Company In India, the team of Web Click India understands the nature of the market and proffer you the projects accordingly. For more information, you can contact our experts.