Featured Snippets - Optimizing Your Content For It


Featured snippets are search results that appear inside a box when you search for a certain keyword on Google. More often than not, we tend to click on the link that features in the snippet. If your written content features inside that box, it can dramatically increase the traffic to your website. It perfectly highlights the link and also gives it a stamp of Google regarding the adequacy of that content for the searched keyword. We are a company that provides SEO Services In Delhi, and we will tell you a few things you can use to optimize your content for this snippet.

Types Of Featured Snippets:

Researching a bit about these snippets reveals different types of snippets. They can be categorized as:

  • Paragraph featured snippet
  • Table featured snippet
  • List featured snippet
  • Answer boxes

If you're a content marketer, you would have already guessed a pattern here. Tables and lists are meant to give answers to a query step by step. This is majorly indicative of the type of content that features in these snippets. How-to guides and content that answers questions directly are likely candidates of featuring in the snippet.

Follow These Best Practices To Optimize Your Content For Featured Snippet:

  • Target Long-Tail Keywords - Creating evergreen content targeting long-tail keywords starting with words like 'What is', 'Why is', 'How to' etc. increases the chances of getting featured on the snippet.
  • Make A List - Try to answer the questions in a list format. Subheading tags can also help in optimizing the content.
  • Answer The Questions Clearly - The question or keyword you're targeting should be answered in your content clearly. Try to insert the question in the subheading and answer it in the post below.

This is the best way to target the snippet box. Web Click India is a highly renowned Web Development Company In India. We can bring your website on the first page of Google regardless of your market niche. Avail our services by getting in touch with us.