Google Has Thrown A Confusing Dice - Can You Understand It?


Google is known for its cryptic announcements and vague updates. This time the announcement didn't come directly from Google but from John Mueller, a Webmaster trends analyst at Google. It read something like this:

"If you're making quality links to your site, then that would be considered against our webmaster guidelines, and by that, those links would definitely not be considered 'quality.'"

The internet went bonkers, to put it mildly. Quality links should be considered fine according to Google's guidelines but this statement doesn't look like a positive one. After this statement, SEO black hats must have giving a smug face to their more ethical counterparts. Although this doesn't come directly from Google, when top-executives of the company say something, it is regarded as an official statement.

What's Wrong With Google?

Don't Worry! This statement doesn't differ much with the official position of Google on various occasions. It wasn't put in a very comprehensible manner. Your focus should be on the word 'making', which suggests unnatural link-building. If you're involved in creating these backlinks in inorganic ways, only then you should be concerned.

People who participate in Personal Blog Networks (PBNs), which are infamous for 'making' links rather than earning them, will be considered spammers. This is clearly against Google's guidelines. So, you shouldn't care too much about it, given that you don't indulge in such practices.

What Is The Right Way?

Mueller indicated in a Twitter exchange that you can buy links and Google won't spam it as long as they are "nofollow" ones. Only "dofollow" links that are bought or exchanged for just link-building purpose will be categorized as against Google's Terms Of Use and can result in an algorithmic downgrade.

So, don't put yourself in trouble after reading such statements. All you need to focus on is user's experience and the things you can do to enhance that experience. For more such information, follow Web Click India - a renowned company for Internet Marketing Services In India.