How To Determine The Success Of Your SEO Efforts?


Determining the success of your SEO efforts is essential to make appropriate changes in it. If your efforts are not bearing any fruits, you would like to know as soon as possible to make the needed modifications or to completely overhaul the strategy. To determine this success, we have to set some KPIs (Key Performing Indicators), which will become the parameter or scale to judge the effectiveness of your content marketing, or more widely, SEO campaign. Being a major company providing SEO Services In Delhi, we have established some indicators to measure the success of our campaigns. Here are some of these indicators:

  • Links - It goes without saying that links are useful. They are one of the most important factors to ensure your marketing efforts pay off. What can you do to create these links? Create high-quality unique content. It is the simplest yet the most difficult task in SEO. Remember that you have to earn them and not buy them. Check your links through Google Search Console.
  • Organic Traffic - Organic traffic indicates to Google that your website is useful and when people type a certain keyword on the search bar, showing your website would be a good thing for their users. It builds trust and you benefit directly from it. Google Analytics and Google Search Console can be used to track the web traffic to your website.
  • Rankings - Other than using social media effectively, the best way to bring organic traffic to your website is ranking on the top pages of search engines and that includes Bing too. It is an important SEO metric and once you combine them with other metrics like impressions, traffic and click-through rate; you have a big picture of the success of your SEO efforts and where you are lacking.

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