Is DuckDuckGo The Next Big Thing?


The privacy-focused search engine, DuckDuckGo (DDG), has reached 30 million queries per day on average. This is a major progress when compared with the previous milestones. It took 7 years to reach 10 million queries per day and the 20 million mark was breached 2 years after that. It's been less than a year and the search engine has reached 30 million queries per day. Increased privacy concerns from Cambridge Analytica Scandal to GDPR regulations have created a market for companies which offer privacy. It is important to mention here that DDG describes itself as "The search engine that doesn't track you".

What Is DuckDuckGo?

Instances of state surveillance and security breaches across the world have raised security concerns. When search engines like Google and Bing collect and use behavioural data for effectively managing ads, DDG offers privacy by promising to not use cookies and doesn't collect personal information of users. Your IP address is also hidden. Naturally, the people who are spooked by these scary instances of data breach are flocking up to this search engine.

How Is It Different?

Google and Bing searches are designed in such a way that if you click on any link, the search terms that you types are sent to the site and your information like IP address is also becomes visible. This can be used to know your location. DDG prevents this by redirecting the request to prevent it from sending your search terms to the site. They cannot use your personal information to track you.

Is It The Next Big Thing?

It is important to remind you that there's nothing in this world that offers you complete privacy and DDG is also not an exception. But people looking for privacy and who are looking for alternatives can definitely use this search engine.

Now, the question whether it is the next big thing or not can be answered by only the future events. If enough people feel that it is essential to switch to a more private search engine, then DDG is surely a candidate to become their first choice. Rest depends on their marketing. For more such updates - follow Web Click India - the best company for SEO Services In Delhi.