On-Site SEO Factors That Still Rule


The assumption that search engines reward pages or websites with a traditional document and text analysis has become quite old. Search engines have become quite sophisticated in their working and reward or penalize even the smallest details on your website. Operating as a company providing SEO Services In Delhi, we have learnt our lessons and the conventional strategy of focussing on three primary factors have been scrapped since then.

There have some additions to the ranking factors and there considerable impact on the rankings is just too high to ignore anymore. Before diving into these factors, you have to acknowledge that your website is a living entity and every single element works together to make it what it is. So, chisel it, refine it and make it perfect from all aspects. Now, let's see which elements call for the largest share of your attention:

  • User Engagement Metrics - Don't focus on just search engines, you have also created your website for people to visit. Metrics like bounce rate, click through rate or pages per session indicate how interesting or useful your audience finds your website. Work on these metrics because they impact the rankings significantly.
  • Content That Answers - There is a reason that searches are also called queries. People are looking for an answer to any question that pops into their mind or just stems from a need in their lives. You have to give them answers with your content. Deep content answers a lot of their answers and that's why it also ranks high in the SERPs. Don't forget to organize the content with appropriate header tags and title tags.
  • Structuring - The structuring of your site is also crucial and everything from the crawlability to clean URLs affects the ranking of your website on search engines. The easier it is for the search engine to index your content, the more chances of your website ranking high on search results.
  • Mobile Responsive - Mobile responsive websites become even more crucial in this age of mobile-first index. We can't emphasise enough how big of a mistake it is to keep the mobile-friendly design on the backburner. Just make it a priority and move ahead in your business.

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