Oops! These Maybe Some Mistakes You Are Making In Mobile Websites


Mobile responsive websites are getting all along the market and making a huge impact in the digital domain. The developers are making the use of these websites to expand their customer reach and showcase the flexibility of work. Web Click India, being a well-known Web Development Company In India has been practising multiple skill sets to form alluring and properly functioning websites.

Though, in the years of our expertise, we have found that some of the mobile websites are lacking at various aspects and the developers are clinging to these practices so much that it has started to get accepted by the clients. The following mistakes shall be avoided in a responsive website if you don't wish to lose your mobile customers:

  • Text Readability - Sometimes, the text just doesn't fit the mobile screen horizontally and the reader has to move the screen from left to right in order to read the full information. This is one of the biggest mistakes that makes the customer run away and thus, shall be avoided.
  • Too Small/ Big Words - If you are attaching links to the words, make sure that they are neither too big to cover the whole space nor so small to make it hard to click on that particular link.
  • Pictures Covering The Text - Images and videos are alluring options to be added in a website but if it covers the important text, your website is better without it. If you don't want to remove the images, you can place them at the position where they do not block the content.
  • Long Forms - The query or contact forms of a website are important to ask for the customers' information but they shall not be so long that it irritates the visitors and they leave the page. One must make the forms short and include only the most basic sections.

Hurray! With these tips, you are all set to be on the foreground of success. Though, if you want an expert Website Designing Company In India to add magic to your projects, you must shake hands with us. We promise to deliver your projects on time and in a beautiful manner that would make you say 'WOW'! Call us to know more.