Top Plugins Your WordPress Website Must Have


No doubt, WordPress world's leading CMS or blogging platform offers a plethora of plugins that offer countless benefits for your website. It offers different types of customization, flexibility, and functionality that help to grow the business. If you handover your project to a reputable WordPress Web Development Company in Delhi, so, they surely use the best plugins for your website that give you results what you actually expect. WordPress has so many things to offer and among them, some of the plugins that you cannot afford to miss anyhow are as follows.

JetPack: One of the most popular and highly recommended plugins offered by WordPress is JetPack that is free to use and has excellent features to offer. It helps you to get an exact estimation about the number of visitors come to visit your website and even help you to get more visitors on your website.

Backup Buddy: Another easiest and friendly plugin to use for a WordPress Website is Backup Buddy. It is a must for almost everyone because it helps to automatically schedule a backup of your website. It will ensure the safety of your content and overall website. It actually saves you from a big trouble.

WordPress SEO: It is one of the reliable SEO solutions that you should use for the ranking of your website. It helps you to add titles, Meta description, XML Sitemap and many more to define. It not only increases the ranking of your website but also help you in the overall SEO Strategies.

WP Security & Firewall: The most important plugin every WordPress Website must have is WP Security & Firewall. It helps you to take your website security at a whole new level that ensures the safety and even help to win the trust of your visitors.

The list goes on and never comes to an end because it has a lot more to offer. Thus, handing over the project to a prominent Web Development Company in Delhi like Web Click India is a great idea. This is because they are expertise and knows what is best for the safety, functionality, and growth of your website, so, they never give you a chance of complaining.